Voženílk Flour Enriched with Vitamins

Voženílk Flour Enriched with Vitamins

Powdery mixture of wheat flour enriched with a combination of B group vitamins (B1 –thiamine, B2 – riboflavin, B3 – niacin, B6 – pyridoxine and B9 – folic acid).

Vitamins of the B group, mainly folic acid, rank among substances, the intake of which by the human body is insufficient due to the composition of today’s diet. We recommend a diet with a varied composition containing food rich in B group vitamins, mainly folic acid. A sufficient intake of these vitamins improves transformation of homocysteine into harmless substances – for more information see www.pacienti.cz.

The powdery mixture of wheat flours and vitamin supplements is intended for wide-ranging home use.

Wheat flours are produced from selected varieties of winter wheat grown in the Podkrkonoší, Podorlicko, Polabí and Vysočina regions.
This new product follows the traditions of the Předměřice Mill started in 1890, by master miller Josef Voženílek.

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