“Plnohodnotná” (Full-bodied) Wheat Flour

“Plnohodnotná” (Full-bodied) Wheat Flour

This wheat flour is produced from selected varieties of winter wheat grown in the Podkrkonoší, Podorlicko, Polabí and Vysočina regions. Due to careful post-harvest treatment its natural quality and the germinating ability of the grain remains intact.

The full-bodied flour is achieved through a gradual milling process, during which the grains are cleaned and ground including the wheat germ, which remains a component of the input material.

Compared with standard white flours it is characterised by a higher content of fibre and mineral substances, for example Calcium, Phosphorus, Selenium, Zinc and Iron.

Products made from the full-bodied flour are typically of a smaller volume, however significantly more supple and with longer durability.

It is suitable for the production of all bakery and confectionery products as well as everyday use in households.

It is recommended for use in home bread-baking appliances.


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